Karolina Kurkova May Have to Finally Let Out Her Pants


Model Karolina Kurkova happily discussed her future child, a boy, and showed off her engagement ring and her fiancé, Archie Drury, at a dinner honoring Nelson Mandela last night. But even at five and a half months pregnant, the Victoria’s Secret model still doesn’t feel fat. “Do I have a little belly?” she asked us rhetorically. “Not yet,” she answered before we could. “People are like, 'I don’t believe you’re five and a half months pregnant.' They’re like, 'You’re disgusting, Karolina. Where is it?' ” Kurkova said she wore a form-fitting dress to the event, so we could “kind of see” her baby bump. “But if I’m in normal clothes, you will never guess it, so, yeah, they think I’m kind of kidding,” she added.

Now that she's in her sixth month, Kurkova is finally becoming dimly aware of what the rest of us mortals experience — clothing that is too tight. “I can still wear my clothes, but my jeans definitely are getting tighter,” she said. “I might need to get special pants soon. I need to get, not, like, one size up; I need to have, like, a band. I can’t even close the button soon.” But Kurkova insists this is not the first time in her life she’s felt that something was too tight. “I’ve experienced definitely, you know, rollers; something that’s really tight." We're guessing by "rollers" she means fat rolls. She's foreign, remember.