Kate Moss Is Going Into Business With Simon Cowell and Sir Philip Green


Kate Moss is joining Sir Philip Green and Simon Cowell in their new business venture, a global entertainment company that will produce television content for the U.S. and U.K. Their plan involves taking Britain's Got Talent, America's Got Talent, and X Factor to more countries, while making even more money off the shows with merchandise sales. The company will probably also launch other TV programs, and include music and fashion entities. What exactly those will be remains unclear, but Moss will reportedly have a heavy hand in them.

Moss came on because she's practically best friends with Sir Philip, who owns Topshop. Sources say she will be a "figurehead and style setter" for the company's fashion arm. "She will bring her expertise to the table, advising on all branding and style for clothes, hair and accessories," someone close to Moss told the Daily Mail. Does that mean a new line or chain is in the works? It's all very secretive at the moment. We're still holding out hope she'll participate in a model competition reality show held before a live studio audience, maybe as the token blunt British judge. The Daily Mail reports Moss will also help scout and promote new bands and maybe develop her own singing career — so those fun rumors aren't going away. And most important, her fortune is expected to double within a year to £100 million, which she obviously needs for new business suits.

Kate Moss bags £100m new job as she joins forces with Simon Cowell and Philip Green to launch £1bn empire [Daily Mail]
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