Kira Plastinina Reopens, People Protest


Kira Plastinina's Los Angeles–based clothing company filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. According to court papers, the company owed creditors $54.4 million. But, when you're Kira Plastinina, a $54.4 million debt is only a small speed bump in overtaking the American clothing market. After closing her U.S. stores, Kira Plastinina has reopened two in L.A., which are now called K. Plastinina. She's operating them under her new company, Pink Square, which is based in Russia, and is not bankrupt (should we add "yet" here?). Sneaky — but not sneaky enough. The people to whom that $54.4 million is owed happened to notice the 17-year-old's stores are back up and running, and they're not happy. Employees of Tom Rectenwald Construction, which built eight of Kira's original U.S. outposts in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and the D.C. area, are picketing outside the stores. Kira still owes them $2.5 million.

“The point of all this is that there are still people suffering because of what [the company] did,” [Co-owner Aaron] Rectenwald said. “We haven’t gotten the attention of management yet so we’ll be coming back until we do.”

And that's the beauty of operating from Russia. "Oh, you protested? We didn't see from over here." Kira was thinking about moving to New York to go to Parsons. We hope these protests don't hinder her desires to come live and go to school among us while, oh, say, filming her own Bravo reality show. Just throwing that out there.

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