Levi’s Attempts Convict-Chic

The fall 2009 look book.

The fall 2009 Levi's Vintage collection is inspired by prison. Or "the cold, hard life of the convict," as High Snobiety rather poetically puts it. Apparently, in the twenties and thirties, between eras of black-and-white stripes and orange jumpsuits, convicts wore denim. Uniforms included overalls, white vests, T-shirts, sack coats, and chambray shirts. So timing-wise, if we're in the worst economic downturn since the Depression, bringing prison denim back makes perfect sense. Except it might not be (and maybe this is just us) the best way to sell jeans. Levi's makes some cute stuff that's affordable and of good quality. But this silly idea may just ruin the clothes for us. What say you?

Levi’s Vintage Fall/Winter 2009 Collection Lookbook | Inside Out [High Snobiety]