Lindsay Lohan Needs Help Designing Leggings!


Lindsay Lohan is holding a 6126 leggings-design contest on the blog FabSugar. Contestants submit entries online, and Lindsay herself will handpick the winner. As you can see from the selection of 6126 leggings available on Shop Intuition, the entirety of which is pictured above, the animal-print/swirly-brownie-batter thing has been done, so that's out. And American Apparel has done everything one can do with lamé, so that's out too. And tie-dye, for that matter. Oh hell, no wonder Lindsay's having a contest. Everything one can do with leggings has just been done! She's probably out of ideas. And it can't be encouraging that Shop Intuition has marked the above pairs down from $78 to $14.99.

Win A Chance To Design Lindsay Lohan's Leggings [FabSugar]