Lindsay Lohan to Create Fashion-Themed Television Show


Fake spray-tanner can only sustain a willowy 23-year-old starlet with a short attention span for so long. Kind of like how novelty leggings can only create buzz for a brief amount of time (why do you think American Apparel keeps rolling out new product?). So Lindsay Lohan, who has launched a spray-tanner called Sevin Nyne and a leggings line called 6126, is ready for her next project. Business partner Kristi Kaylor, who helped Lindsay get the leggings and tanning product off the ground, is now working with LiLo to create a production company called Unforgettable Productions, a name refreshingly devoid of numerals. Among the projects they're reportedly developing is a show called Faux Real, which is like Entourage, but about the fashion industry. Sounds fun, but if it really is like Entourage, it will only hold our attention for a couple of seasons before Bravo comes out with a slew of new shows about real people and housewives that make us wonder why we ever paid for premium cable in the first place. And by that time, Lohan will have moved on to the next thing anyway. Maybe even a Bravo reality show of her own.

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