Male Model: Female Models Put Needles in Each Other’s Shoes

Lyle Lodwick.

The world of male modeling is arguably more challenging than the world of female modeling. Far fewer jobs exist for men, making it harder to break in to the industry, and, with the rare exception (okay, Tyson Beckford), the men have almost no shot at any sort of longevity. Also, men get paid less. Rising male-model star Lyle Lodwick says women "get paid like 10 times more than the men do." This, he tells the Daily Beast, leads to obnoxious seriousness, cat fights, and other vicious behaviors.

"I did a show — Les Hommes in Milan — and there were two girls in the show. We were all fucking around backstage laughing and doing what we normally do and the girls were there with their jaws dropped, saying 'I can't believe you guys act this way!' They snap at each other," says Lodwick. Or, even worse: "I've heard horror stories of girls putting needles in a girl's shoes so when she's on the runway she'll fall over."

Wow that's something that would happen on Gossip Girl. In fact it might even be too vicious for Gossip Girl. Models are our heroes.

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