Michelle Obama’s Favorite Fragrance Revealed; Mary Kay Files Lawsuit Against Yahoo

Michelle hearts Love in White by Creed.

• Michelle Obama reportedly likes to wear the fragrance Love in White by Creed. [FWD]

• The cosmetics company Mary Kay filed a lawsuit against Yahoo, Inc. claiming that the company's e-mail service points consumers to places that sell unauthorized Mary Kay products online, which are either expired or improperly handled. Ew. [WWD]

• Maybelline may become the new sponsor of New York Fashion Week in Bryant Park. [Yahoo]

• La Prairie, the beauty company that produces skin moisturizer for $1,000 a bottle, is launching a range of color cosmetics this fall named Plumage de Nuit. [Beauty Counter]

• The fall collection from Urban Decay cosmetics looks like it is inspired by magic, with black lipstick, primer "potions", and a dark purple eye shadow named Freakshow. [Spoiled Pretty]