The World Gold Council Saves Carmen Marc Valvo From Showing at Citrine Again

Anything is better than mannequins in a Flatiron bar.

For Fashion Week in February, the recession forced some designers with slashed show budgets into unfortunate circumstances. Among them was Carmen Marc Valvo, who staged a presentation at douchetastic downtown bar-lounge Citrine, probably because they let him show there for free. For September Fashion Week, Valvo will not return to Citrine, thanks to some hefty, unexpected new sponsors, including NASDAQ. Valvo will tape a runway show of his spring 2010 collection and show the video to about 300 people at a cocktail party in the NASDAQ building in Times Square. It may not scream "glamour," but at least it's close to Bryant Park and probably has spiffy elevator banks. Additionally, he'll broadcast runway-show footage on screens in Times Square. The World Gold Council (which was founded by the world's leading gold miners and aims to stimulate and maximize the demand for gold) is paying for that fanciness.

This sounds so much better than a show at Citrine (which has no elevator bank, mind you). The World Gold Council and NASDAQ may sound like awkward sponsors, but they could make for amazing gift bags, including two of our favorite things: free gold and stocks!