Rachel Zoe’s Assistant Brad Gives Plaid-Shirt–Styling Tips


Brad Goreski has been assisting Rachel Zoe for a while now. His work in season one of The Rachel Zoe Project chiefly consisted of organizing dresses in the fashion closet and trying to be the rock in the group, emotionally speaking, when rain leaked onto a rack of borrowed designer clothes. But will his role expand in season two, premiering August 25, to actually styling celebrities? He's surely picked up some tips from the master by now. Indeed, judging from his astute sporting of glasses and bow ties in season one, he already possessed a keen sense of style going into the job. Today he showcases his styling expertise on Steven Alan's website with tips on how to wear a plaid shirt:

This is a “feel-good shirt” because the minute you put it on you feel happy. I paired this shirt with a pair of old denim cutoffs for a more casual feel, and added the white cotton bow tie for fun. I like the juxtaposition of loose and distressed denim on the bottom and buttoned-up and put-together look of the shirt and bow tie on the top. The patent wing tips are the perfect accent to this outfit. Why not wear something like this to a beach party, then throw a blazer over it and go to dinner … super chic!

Plaid: the new Zoloft. Genius! Brad also has ideas for celebrities.

I would love to see this shirt on a guy like James Franco who has a more relaxed but very cool style. He doesn’t usually wear colors that are this bright, but I think it would look fantastic on him for a photo call or something. For him, I would take away the bow tie, and style the shirt under a leather jacket with a pair of faded black jeans and distressed boots. It could also look very cool with a fitted blazer over it and the bow tie, but for a Jonas Brother, not for Franco.

We see it. Rachel, when does he get a promotion? Or should we ask Bravo, when does he get a spinoff show? Suggested rhyming title: Adventures in Plaid With Brad!

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