Rachel Zoe’s Getting Into the GOOP Game


Okay it's not technically related to GOOP, but the stylist and Bravo reality star is about to launch her own daily newsletter called "The Zoe Report." If the Internet worked for Gwyneth Paltrow, it can work for her, too. The mailing list sign-up is currently all that appears on Zoe's new site (along with the requisite image of Zoe looking pensive). "The chic variety of accessories, apparel, and other items featured in the Zoe Report are carefully chosen by our editorial team of fashion addicts — ahem — experts," reads the Editorial Policy. Zoe might not pick the items herself, but she swears advertising interests have nothing to do with it: "Never in a million years would we accept money (or Maxfield giftcards) in exchange for editorial endorsement. That would be bananas. The bad kind." Zoe also says the newsletter is "going to be bananas." Don't get confused. Since we've been brushing up on our "bananas" translations in preparation for the season premiere of the Rachel Zoe Project, we can confirm that that means the nicely yellow kind that are just slightly tender with a hint of brown speckles. But maybe it would help if she worked "plantains" or something into her lingo.

Rachel Zoe Expands Empire with Fashion Newsletter [BlackBook]