Reincarnated Lounge Outlet Peddles ‘Douchebag’ Styles


Lounge boutique closed in Soho earlier this year, but has reopened in Chelsea as an outlet. Shophound paid a visit and found the store shoddy and fairly offensive. In its previous life, the spot was a typical tourist-luring mash-up of high-end labels, designer denim, and accessories — set to the pounding bass of an in-store D.J. Apparently both the D.J. and the outdated clothes made the trip to Chelsea. (Shophound dates the stock circa 2005, sniping, "no item [is] too passé.") "Yes, folks, if you are still pining for those Antik jeans with embroidery all over the back pockets that you didn't get four years ago, then rest easy," the blog opines, "Lounge Outlet, specializing in a look we like to call 'Early Douchebag,' has a table full of them."

Welcome to 2005 at a Discount [Shophound]