Robbers Steal From Cannes Cartier With Flair


Armed robbers clad in Hawaiian shirts stole over $21 million worth of jewels from the Cartier in Cannes yesterday. That would be the Cartier near the Carlton Hotel, which is where Angelina Jolie and George Clooney stay during the Cannes Film Festival. A man wearing "colourful clothing including a shirt straight out of Honolulu," according to police, marched into the store, whipped out a handgun, and told everyone to lie on the floor. Accomplices then collected an estimated $21.2 million worth of loot and sped away on motorcycles. The robbery comes on the heels of similar heists in France; in May a lone gunman stole $9 million worth of jewels from Chopard in Paris, while in December robbers made off with $112 million worth of jewels from the Harry Winston store. Police suspect the Pink Panthers carried out the Cartier theft yesterday. They are known to rob with flair, like the time they painted a bench outside a store they planned to loot to keep people from lollygagging in their getaway zone. In 2005 they robbed a jeweler in St. Tropez wearing floral shirts and escaped on a speedboat. It's all so glam, minus the shirts. Couldn't they at least go with some Cavalli?

Have the Pink Panthers struck again? Robbers wearing Hawaiian shirts take £13m in gems from Cartier store [Daily Mail]