Rosa Cha Founder Wants Men to Wear Shorter, Tighter Swim Trunks

From left: Backstage at Jean Paul Gaultier's spring 2009 show, David Gandy backstage at Dolce & Gabbana's spring 2010 show, and Simon Nessman at Gaultier's spring 2000 show. Happy Friday!

Amir Slama founded Rosa Cha, a high-end swimsuit label known for its ultrasexy, skimpy styles. Unsurprisingly in the dissertation The Wall Street Journal has published about how men should wear and care for their swimwear (necessary!), he advocates shorter, tighter styles. When he swims — often in places like Florianopolis in Brazil or Punta del Este in Uruguay — he wears "boy shorts," which are like boxer briefs but a little longer. When he's lounging, he wears another pair of shorts over them that stop at mid-thigh and slightly taper near the hem.

“Short shorts that are a little tighter near the knees make your body look longer and elegant,” he says. “Big and long shorts make you look like a potato bag.”

As you can see in our picture here, he's right! None of those models look like potato bags. Elegance incarnate, if you ask us.

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