September Fashion Week to Return to Pre-Recession Fabulousness


Remember how in February everyone was freaking out over how budget the recession would make our Fashion Week feel? Well that's not going to happen next season, thank God. In September, which is only two months off, so dear God get ready now, Fashion Week will be just as fabulous as it was in September 2008. Whereas leading up to February Fashion Week, many designers were probably sitting around wondering if it would be unwise to just charge their shows on a Visa like vacations and be done with it, this season, designers are already clamoring for time slots. Organizers expect the shows and presentations to be just as abundant as they were a year ago. Also, the number of presentations (as opposed to runway shows) is expected to increase this year. The designers who did presentations last season are doing them again for spring for the most part. This is all very relieving news. It sucks feeling poor when all the Europeans are in town. Some official expert could also probably fashion a theory about how this means we're out of the weeds, economically speaking.

September N.Y. Fashion Shows Shaping Up [WWD]