Shaved Lady Heads: A Brief History


Last week, Solange shocked the world by stepping out with her hair completely shaved off. This was the culmination of a slew of recent lady head-shavings: Cassie shaved half her head, Alice Dellal–style, in April; Rihanna shaved the bottom part of her head earlier this month; and Carmen Electra shaved half her head, Cassie-style, last month. Of course, shaved heads are nothing new. But the recent events indicate this style is really having a moment. In the past, actresses like Natalie Portman have done it for roles in forgettable sci-fi films. Britney did it for, um, personal reasons. The newly shaved ladies seem to want easy attention — the kind that doesn't involve awkward stumbling in the wee hours between black SUVs and Tenjune. Or maybe they just wanted to practice posting pictures and things to Twitter. Have a look at memorable shaved-head moments in the slideshow.