Solange’s Baldness More Important Than Iran, According to Twitter


Solange's new bald hairstyle was the No. 3 most discussed topic on Twitter yesterday. Solange, apparently, was as shocked by this as people like you and us, so she tweeted to address the hubbub. “i. was. simply. taking. my. son. to. school. i. have. done. this. twice. in. my. life. i. was 16. i was 18. did. not care about your opinion. then. dont. care. now.ONLY reason i responded to this i have is because i was disappointed to see my name more talked about then #iranelection. dont. want. a. edge. up. or a perm. because. im not trying. to make this “a style” or a statement. i. just. wanted. to. be. free. from. the. bondage. that. black. women sometimes. put. on. themselves. with. hair." [StyleWatch/People]