Jeweler Katrina Lapenne Loves Wielding a Torch


Katrina Lapenne is a dyed-in-the-wool metalsmith and goldsmith. It's not often you hear that suffix, especially not with Williamsburg jewelers. But Lapenne has worked with metals for years, and her line manages to be cool without being super-hip. Her love of wielding a torch and hammer (hey, who doesn't love that?) combined forces with her obsession for detail, and a jewelry designer was born. Her eponymous line is a mix of gold and silver, stones, and intricate shapes that are organic with a touch of rock and roll (by way of Cleopatra). "My two newest collections — Luxor and Arabesque — are both inspired by Arabic architecture and decoration," Lapenne told us. "I'm interested by the influence Arabic styles had throughout Europe in the early Renaissance — everything from ironwork to church decoration. Especially the palaces and medieval architecture of Spain and Italy." That influence is apparent in the fish-scale necklaces and gold-disk earrings that could easily be antiques. And though the prices are steep, a lot of the pieces we liked were the one-of-a-kind items, and most come in a less-expensive silver or gold plating. Her jewelry is carried at NY Adorned, Catbird, Charles Nolan, and will be showcased on an upcoming comedy show on IFC called Z Rock. She's also a featured designer on Click ahead to check out some of our favorite pieces.