Video: Grazia Puts Chace Crawford in an Epically Awkward Situation


Bless our dear friends over at Grazia. They have ingeniously, repeatedly captured Chace Crawford on camera at his most awkward, all by way of fashion. First they videotaped his fashion quiz, in which he actually said, "I thought beige was, like, dark." But it's okay — he's pretty! In their latest installment of "The Awkward Adventures of Chace Crawford," his good looks might not even be able to save him: Grazia forces Chace to find a fashionably dressed girl backstage at the Hard Rock Calling festival. He selects a girl named Georgina for reasons, though unknown to us, that seem anything but lost on Georgina (note the irony of her name). She wears a white lace dress and brown mid-calf stacked-heel boots. Georgina does most of the talking, while looking at Chace like she wants to jump his bones and furiously rip little bits of skin off him. Chace, meanwhile, tries to form coherent sentences and admits he knows nothing about Topshop and Portobello Market. Watch and please tell us if you, too, feel embarrassed for everyone involved here.