Video: Inside Delicatessen’s Model Lounge


The New York Post managed to gain access to Delicatessen's highly elite new Model Lounge, which we first reported on last month. Through September 20, the Soho restaurant's downstairs quarters will serve as a safe haven for models, where they can eat for free, drink for free, change clothes, get massages and manicures, and pick up free swag between photo shoots and castings. Only models with special exclusive cards are allowed in. The Post's Justin Rocket Silver, whose reporting is absolutely winning, notes the sandwiches and French fries the restaurant serves the models are heavy foods. "When we're going to castings, we're burning so many calories and everything that we're coming here and we're just praying that we can get food like that," one model tells him. After he watches them eat Reubens — bread, cheese, meat and all — Silver asks, "Do you think that guys would harass you on the street if you were just standing around waiting for your next shoot?" One model furrowed her brow: "Oh yes. All the time." And another: "They're annoying. Annoying men." See what you nonmodels are missing in the video.