Video: Lady Gaga’s Kermit Coat in Action


Lady Gaga went on German television recently wearing a coat made of hundreds of flaccid Kermit the Frog dolls by Jean Charles de Castelbajac. She accessorized with one bedazzled Kermit head perched atop her own. "My friends and I in New York ... we believe in vanity," Gaga says, her Kermit headband staring down at her face. "I dress this way all the time because it inspires my life. I dress this way because my whole life is art and my whole life is performance.” She also said, "You don’t need money to live the way that I live. You just need a good idea and creativity." Hmmm. We happen to have a million magazines lying around our desk. Clearly we should cease blogging for the next three days so we can cut them up and paste them to ourselves until we resemble a bin in a recycling plant.

The video is in German, but that hardly matters when the subject's attire looks like a Muppet graveyard.

Lady GaGa dresses up in Kermit The Frog dress - see pics & video [Mirror UK]
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