Video: Vivienne Westwood Suggests Wearing Curtains and Towels Instead of Buying New Clothes


Vivienne Westwood went on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross last week wearing a huge silk cloak made with seven meters of duchess satin, paired with boxer shorts. "It [has] come from a concept of do-it-yourself," she explains. "Take the tablecloth if it’s beautiful, and even take towel if it’s good enough, or the curtains or anything — put things together yourself and take things from your husband or your boyfriend like boxer shorts or whatever." She suggests not spending money on fashion. Well, not on cheap fashion. "It’s quite self-serving what I say, because I do say buy less, choose well," she continued. "Don’t just keep buying things for the sake of it because then everybody just looks alike." Watch the video to find out who she thinks wears the most stylish clothes.

Vivienne Westwood's fashion tips [Grazia]