Vogue’s September Issue Is So Skinny


There exists possibly only one instance in fashion when being shockingly thin is a bad thing — when a severe dearth of September ad pages cuts a magazine down to half its normal size. Condé Nast just released ad-page projections for its September issues — and they're down 37 percent. Vogue only has 429 ad pages, a 36 percent dip from last year, when the magazine carried a healthy (too healthy?) 798 total pages, 607 of them ads. (In 2007, the September issue numbered 840 pages, 727 of them ads; in 2006 it numbered 754 pages, with 625 pages of ads.)

Some of Condé's other titles fared even worse. W's ad pages are down 53 percent, Allure's are down 51 percent, Self's are down 50 percent, andGlamour's are down 41 percent. Condé just hired McKinsey consultants to help stop the losses. But maybe what that building really needs is a giant bagel-breakfast spread complete with full-fat Frappuccinos. It won't make the ads come back, but it will at least ease the pain of the losses. Carbs heal all.

Conde Nast September Monthlies Lose 1,680 Ad Pages [NYO]
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