Watch Out, Filene’s: Nordstrom Rack Is Coming to Union Square


Finally, Nordstrom is coming to New York! A Nordstrom Rack is opening in Union Square where Virgin Records used to be. It will open next spring, probably with a celebration that won't come close to the Kate Moss fuss-fest that occurred when Topshop opened in Soho this year — which is fine by us. Nordstrom Rack carries the same brands as Nordstrom with 50 to 60 percent off original prices. Nordstrom Rack can be hit or miss in our experience, but the merchandise will probably be considerably better than that of it's neighbors, Filene's and DSW. We only went in the Virgin Megastore about once a year, but always had a good time in there perusing the cheap DVD rack. The Nordstrom Rack is more than a worthy replacement, but it would be nice if Virgin re-opened a Not-So-Mega Store in that terrifying zoo with the blue sign and white interiors on 14th and Broadway that calls itself a shoe store. Maybe the recession will be the best thing to ever happen to Union Square shops.

Breaking: Nordstrom Rack Signs On for Union Square [Racked]