Will a Bear, a Pretty Hipster Boy, and Sexual Innuendo Help Diesel Sell Clothes?


Why, of course Diesel has a billboard downtown portraying a pretty hipster taking his pants off for a grizzly bear, with the tagline, "Happiness comes from the inside. I'm working on it." Because if it were just a picture of a greasy, muscle-y model with unbuttoned jeans in a nondescript setting, that would inspire no one to go to Diesel and lay down $250 for pants that have received 40 extra lashings from a dirty garden shovel. Besides, hairy gorilla arms were all the rage on the fall 2009 runways. Diesel brings extra attention to this bear's gorilla arms by styling him with a shiny watch. So while this billboard may be many things — over-the-top, scary, inappropriate, grotesque — it is at least on trend.

New DIESEL billboard. Please interpret. [Copyranter]