A V Cover With Lady Gaga Has Surfaced! (Updated)


We can't be sure if this cover really is V's next, but it should be, because Lady Gaga has been bereft of a fashion-magazine cover for too long. Her spread in the last issue of V was so tame it was a tease. Maybe they held back on purpose for her big cover reveal, complete with skin the hue of an Oompa Loompa's and hair that's miraculously blonder than that of a Playboy Bunny's. Clearly this is a social commentary on our nation's obsession with tanning and the dire need to can Kendra and bring back The Girls Next Door. [Fashin]
Update: The cover posted earlier was an unauthorized image and has therefore been taken down at V's request. However, we can confirm that Lady Gaga will appear on the cover of V's next issue, which hits newsstands in two weeks. Look for it on the Cut closer to that date. It will no doubt be spectacular.