André Leon Talley to Host Live Game Show on Fashion’s Night Out


Bergdorf Goodman is doing something very clever for Fashion's Night Out. Think of it as Jeopardy! with André Leon Talley as Alex Trebek, except instead of standing at podiums the contestants run around a life-size game board. And civilians like you could win the chance to be one of those contestants. The game is called Fashion Rules, and André will host it. Normal people can win the chance to play on teams led by Donna Karan, Linda Fargo, and Robert Verdi. It's the live version of the board game Fashion Rules, created by Margaret Maldonado and Merle Ginsberg, which Bergdorf is selling for the holiday season. It's like the fashion version of Trivial Pursuit with little shopping bags as game pieces. Trivia covered includes everything from magazine history to fashion in film. Enter on Bergdorf's Facebook page. The winner gets a giant gift bag from Bergdorf. And maybe a new Vogue editor friend. Just don't mess up.