Ashley Olsen Doesn’t Know How Long She’ll Stick Out This Fashion-Design Thing


Oh, celebrities. One day we think we know them, the next day they're dyeing their hair or dancing around poles or making hilarious parody videos about ecofriendly clothing lines. Ashley Olsen may design clothes now, but says:

"(In the fashion world) everyone is just really looking out for themselves. I don't know if I'll be designing this collection forever. A couple of years from now, I'm sure I'll want to do something else, and I'm not going to shy away from that.

"What if I just want to be an artist, or if I want to go back to acting? Which is not in the cards, but what if I wanted to do that?"

Now that her new CFDA membership has legitimized her fashion-design career, ahem, she may as well start looking out for herself.

Ashley Olsen to Quit Fashion? [HollyScoop]