Best Bet: Best Your Barista


Despite lines at corner coffee carts, a subset of New Yorkers are serious about their coffee. For java snobs, the Chemex Coffeemaker allows you to perfect your daily cup (or daily pot) at home. The hourglass-shaped device was invented in 1941 by German inventor Peter Schlumbohm, who applied simple chemistry principles to coffee. It’s temperature-controlled — so the coffee comes out strong but won’t burn or turn bitter like a drip machine — and it won’t let grounds seep in like a French press. Plus, with its sleek glass, wood, and leather construction, it looks considerably more stylish on your countertop than that brown-tinged Mr. Coffee from college; the Chemex is currently featured in MoMA’s “Good Design” exhibit as well as in the museum’s shop. And though we've been fans of the all-glass version, the wood touch adds just a bit of warmth to your kitchen.

$120 (plus $8 for 100 filters) at the MoMA Design Store and online.