Best Bet: Instant Replay


Despite the proliferation of increasingly tiny digital cameras, there’s something inherently engaging about the instant gratification of a Polaroid photo. Though the classic brand is being phased out (Polaroid announced it would stop producing the film early last year), this new instant model by Fuji steps up to fill the void. The mini 7S is the most compact of Fugi’s Instax collection, measuring less than five inches across and just shy of three inches thick. The camera snaps full-color, credit-card-size photos, convenient for tucking into your wallet for groggy morning-after recollections (or hiding the evidence). At a relatively budget-friendly $100, it’s a worthwhile investment for perking up your next party.

Fuji Instax 7S Camera, $99.99 at AC Gears or online. Instax Mini film available at the Lomography Gallery Store.