Best Bet: Laser Sharp


One of the downsides to living in a tiny New York apartment is that there are fewer places to stow your clutter. Suddenly, that guilt-inducing pile of unread magazines starts feeling oppressive. This laser-cut wood ledge from Brocade Home provides a pretty, out-of-the-way place to stash your growing accumulation of not-quite-spent subway cards, receipts, takeout menus, and Netflix envelopes. The mounted, two-foot-long shelf is roomy enough to fit larger items — Vanity Fair, the Sunday Times — without dominating your wall space (it also comes in coffee brown, for a more understated look). And at just under $100, it’s a worthwhile buy, if only to fool your friends or significant other into thinking you’re tidy.

Laser-cut ledge, $99 at Brocade Home or online.