Cintra Wilson Apologizes for Scathing JCPenney Review [Updated]


Apparently Cintra Wilson's review of JCPenney in today's Times, in which she expressed disgust for the store's "obese" mannequins, has earned her more hate mail than anything she's ever written. She has since apologized on her blog and asserts the review was positive and that she loves fat people: "I don't have any negative feelings at all about extra weight — I think fat is totally sexy and gorgeous. I saw the light on this way before I interviewed Beth Ditto, even. I'm an unregenerate chubby chaser. I didn't write the piece from an inner place of look-ist elitism or anti-fat condescension." Update, 6:43 p.m.: Er, scratch that. She seems, at least for now, to have removed said apology, and replaced it with something a bit more ... pithy. Hmmm. UPDATE, EONS LATER: Looks like Cintra's taken another stab at an apology. Third time's a charm. And did you ever in your life think you'd be paying attention to something connected to JCPenney for more than five minutes? Strange days. [Dregu Blog]