Fenton/Fallon Brings a Dose of the Eighties to Freeman Alley


Freeman Alley is rightfully known as a bastion of downtown hipsterdom, offering old-school shaves, custom-made suits, and wild-game delicacies in one out-of-the-way block. Near the rear of the alley, jewelry designer Dana Lorenz of Fenton/Fallon is launching her first stand-alone boutique next week, a neon-pink, eighties-inspired spot. The vampy sublevel space showcases Lorenz's two lines: Fenton, a collection of intricate, collaged pieces incorporating brass, silver, Swarovski crystals, and various vintage materials, and Fallon, the grittier diffusion line, offering stackable, studded cuffs and smaller graphic necklaces. Both collections draw on a range of influences, from punk bands to books and pop culture. Like her jewelry, the glam space has a quirky edge — gold logs in the fireplace, a Patrick Nagel lithograph surrounded by an ornate frame, a zebra-print stool, a fuchsia, lips-shaped chair, and a flat-screen TV playing eighties classics like Less Than Zero, Working Girl, Wall Street, Witches of Eastwick, and Heathers. The Art Institute of Chicago grad says she decorated the spot with Sigourney Weaver's Working Girl townhouse in mind ("a polished Upper East Side setting that looks like someone came in and disrupted it, almost in bad taste"). Click ahead to check out the eye-catching statement pieces in store.