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It's a hot, lazy Tuesday, and what better way to pass the time than by ogling models? Well, lucky for you we just made tracking down your favorite faces a lot easier by adding helpful new search functions to our ever-growing Model Manual. Which means that now you can investigate over 500 models by their name, agency, age, nationality, and gender. You can also narrow your selection down to what each model is known for, like great eyes, legs, or lips. Looking for a model with sexy abs? Noah Mills, Matt Gordon, and Leandro Maeder are only a click away. Or get even more specific on the abs page by clicking on a nationality (like Ukrainian) and an age (like 21 to 25 years old), and have Dolce & Gabbana model Stan Jouk stare at you from the screen. Want to find more models like Stan? Just look at the links in his bio or at the top left corner of his page, which says "More Models Who Are ... " and click around to see other Ukrainians or models known for their bodies. There are infinite search possibilities available! Check it out for yourself and find your favorites.

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