Fug Girls: Can Sienna Miller’s Wardrobe Revamp Her Image?


In late 2006, shortly before Factory Girl came out, Sienna Miller lamented to Entertainment Weekly that people paid more mind to her clothes or her love life than her career. Crazy talk from someone whose wardrobe actively demanded our attention: Sienna went out in public wearing everything from a top hat paired with a dress made solely of fringe to giant granny panties to her bathing suit. How could she think we'd care about something like acting in the face of those distractions? It's like wearing pants made of raw meat and then claiming you didn't realize the neighborhood dogs would try to bite off your ankles. More recent interviews, including one in July’s Vogue, imply that even Sienna eventually realized the problem. With this weekend's G.I. Joe being her first major studio film since this alleged epiphany, will Sienna tackle the massive press junket with the same balls-out-crazy aesthetic of yore, or will she dial it down to keep the focus on her work rather than her wardrobe? Let’s find out.