Homeless Man Enjoys Fashion Moment on the Sartorialist


Scott Schumann, the Sartorialist, usually doesn't shoot homeless people, because he most often doesn't "find it romantic or appealing." However, one homeless man on the Bowery, wearing blue boots, recently changed his mind. At first, Schumann noticed the shoes, but late, upon closer inspection, he noticed his coordinating blue socks, gloves, and glasses. Schumann writes, "This shot isn't about fashion — but about someone who, while down on his luck, hasn't lost his need to communicate and express himself through style. Looking at him dressed like this makes me feel that in some way he hasn't given in or given up." After the homeless-chic cover of September's Italian Vogue and Elle's awarding an internship to a homeless girl, it seems homelessness is having a fashion moment. But the Olsens figured that out years ago. [Sartorialist]