Hussein Chalayan’s New Puma Line Ideal for Airport Security


Behold Hussein Chalayan's first collection for Puma after being appointed creative director to the label in February of last year. This "Urban Mobility" line will finally hit stores in February. Not only does it make you look like you're running when you're standing still, it also obviates the need for purses and man bags. A jacket has various internal compartments to organize travel documents. Pants come with removable pouch-shaped pockets so you can simply detach and scan your pockets at the airport rather than forget to empty them, set off the alarm, then have to empty them and go through security again while everyone behind you hates you.

Other items include wedge-heeled sneakers and pants with zippers on the lower legs to make them instantly skinnier or more full. It's Chalayan's way of incorporating new technology into the line. He's previously created skirts that opened and folded by remote control and furniture that morphed into clothing, though he can't quite incorporate that level of technology at Puma prices. But removable pockets still sound grand. Prices range from $50 for a T-shirt to $159 for knitwear to $353 for the line's most expensive outerwear.

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