Jennifer Connelly Poses Awkwardly in the New Balenciaga Campaign


The rumors were true: Jennifer Connelly is the fall 2009 face of Balenciaga. She last appeared in the label's ads for spring of 2008, slouching in an orange armor dress and those infamous knee-high gladiator sandals. Steven Meisel shot the new fall campaign and reactions are mixed. Sassybella calls the photo "awkward." Commenters on the Fashion Spot find it too sexy for Balenciaga. One notes, "She looks like she broke her neck, shoulder and left hand." And another who likes the ad wonders, "Why does she have to spread her legs??" We agree that her pose is awkward. She almost looks like she's waking up on Nicolas Ghesquière's couch after passing out drunk somewhere, and is probably in for a very stiff neck. But though we've never bought any Balenciaga, we imagine people don't choose it for comfort, and Connelly's strange contortions have no effect on our burning desire to own everything she's wearing, down to the spotted tights. What say you?

Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2009-10 starring Jennifer Connelly [SassyBella]