Kanye West Styled a Mysterious Model for October’s Elle


Last week Kanye West told reporters, “I don’t do interviews anymore. With anyone. For the rest of my life.” But this week, at the party he attended to shill Casio G-Shock watches and rap about how much he dislikes the media, he went back on his word and spoke to reporters. Not about himself, but about his better half, Amber Rose. “She just did her first shoot for Ford,” he gloated. West did not specify what the shoot was for, but Elle creative director Joe Zee just told Fashion Week Daily that Kanye styled a spread for October's personal-style issue. Zee would not reveal who he styled, but maybe, just maybe, it was Amber. Perhaps that was her first shoot for Ford? "Kanye is very specific with what he likes and doesn't like," Zee said. So all signs point to Amber! We almost don't care about the September issues anymore.

Kanye, the Stylist [FWD]