Kate Moss Almost Made a Cameo on Gossip Girl!


Despite having the very attractive Penn Badgley for a boyfriend, Blake Lively inexplicably spent the evening of her birthday with us at a party for In Style and Tiffany. Okay, it was nice when Maria Sharapova presented her with a slice of cake with a candle atop, and then joined In Style editor Ariel Foxman in a rendition of “Happy Birthday” — all while being filmed by Extra. If for her birthday Blake could have anybody she wants as a guest star on Gossip Girl, who would it be? “Kate Moss!” she blurted out. “She actually was supposed to come on last year, but it ended up not working out. I love Kate Moss.” Well, that would have been the cameo to end all cameos. Has Blake asked Kate back on the show again? “I’m doing it now: Kate Moss, come to me.”

Instead of Kate in the flesh, Blake — who wore a Kate Moss for Topshop dress to her party — got plenty of birthday cupcakes. “I’ve had like twenty Sprinkles cupcakes today, from all of my family and friends,” she told us. Blake considers it a birthday gift that the Beverly Hills cupcake joint will open a branch in New York. “We don’t have any of those here in New York. We’re getting one, though, I hear. That’s exclusive news. At the end of the year, there’s going to be a Sprinkles here. My life is going to change.” Two years ago, her on-set birthday shenanigans included a tranny and a man in a chicken costume.