Lady Gaga’s Hair Elephant Suggests She’s Running Out of Ideas


Nothing goes better with an acoustic version of "Poker Face" than an elephant made of brown hair, which is perhaps why Lady Gaga wore just that atop her head on Japanese television recently. Bluesy piano music just doesn't have quite the same effect when, oh, sparklers are shooting out of the performer's boobs. But the elephant hairpiece wasn't nearly as delightful as Gaga's Kermit coat or her unicorn braid or her face mask. It was just kind of creepy. Not that all of the other crazy things she wears aren't creepy, but we can't find any redeeming irony in this. It just sits there like a dead bird or something. Clearly she's exhausted the crazy-hair motif. Surely she could expand on the aforementioned sparkler accessories.

"Poker Face": Elephant-Hair-Topiary Acoustic Version [E! Online]