LOVE Goes From Beth Ditto to Miley Cyrus in One Issue

LOVE, the new Tiger Beat?
(This isn't the cover.)

Famously, former POP editor and favorite editor of the fashion-forward crowd, Katie Grand, caused a stir when she picked a scantily clad, blue-tinted Beth Ditto for the cover of the premiere issue of her shiny, sensational new Condé Nast top-shelf title, LOVE. For the magazine's second issue, Grand has not only switched gears, but she seems to have put the title in reverse and run over Teen Vogue in the process. Called the "New Blood: The Young and the Reckless" issue (sounds promising, yes?) LOVE No. 2 focuses on a rising generation of visionaries, artistic instigators, and underground stars, including future icons such as Taylor Momsen, Miley Cyrus, and the Jonas Brothers. Good to see the editrix has lost none of her edge in the migration from the indie world to corporate publishing. Seriously, though, we can't wait to see if LOVE has already jumped the proverbial shark or if Grand has teased out something new, true, and "reckless" from this rogue's gallery of sugar-sweet subjects (we imagine a "reckless" night for the Jonases includes ice cream and the Star Wars edition of Trivial Pursuit). Is this an echo of Cyrus's infamous Annie Leibovitz Vanity Fair shoot, or of that chilling moment when we checked the newsstand for the new Interview, only to see Zac Efron staring back at us with his Tiger Beat eyes? Let's just hope the Mickey Mouse squad will rise to meet the challenge.

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