MADRAS ALERT: Michelle Obama’s Latest Pair of Shorts


One can't go to Martha's Vineyard without packing one or more of the following items: a pastel-pink polo shirt, a navy- or red-and-white-striped boatneck shirt, pleated-front khakis, a straw hat, a head scarf, or something madras. Up until yesterday, Michelle Obama had been seen in none of those things. But then she emerged with a bicycle wearing madras shorts. After she dared to wear mid-thigh-length shorts to the Grand Canyon, she chose a modest length for her great madras unveiling; they extended to a couple of inches above the knee. However, she paired the shorts with a scoop-neck orange tank top, which is likely to send at least a handful of people stuffed into suits in Washington into conniptions. That aside, she seems to have finally fully succumbed to the Vineyard's preppiness. See the full madras look in the Michelle Obama Look Book. Popped-collar watch starts now.