Michelle Obama’s Hairstylist Says She ‘Chills’; British Court Sides With Stella McCartney

Do you like her hair?

• Johnny Wright on styling Michelle Obama's hair: "She just kind of chills. I go with whatever she's wearing and I pay attention to the moment. Should it be a little more flirty? Should it be a little more submissive? Should it be a little more strong? I believe hair is a language, if it's not moving it has no voice." [Editors' Blog/W]

• Pairing casual hair with fancy dresses is a growing trend on the red carpet, like last night when Renée Zellweger wore her hair in a relaxed ponytail at the September Issue premiere. [Girls in the Beauty Department/Glamour]

• A British High Court did not pass a bid to block Stella McCartney's new Nude fragrance from going on sale this weekend in Great Britain. Bono's wife, Ali Hewson, and her partner Bryan Meehan filed the complaint on behalf of their company Nude Brands Limited, citing copyright infringement over the word nude. [Independent UK]

• Skin-care companies are trying to tap into a growing marketable demographic — twentysomethings who don't want wrinkles. [NYT]

• You can find hues like bright orange and subdued gray in Essie's fall collection of nail colors. It's a nice range for transitioning seasons. [Makeup and Beauty Blog]