A Giftable Stash of Leather, Cashmere, and Bronze Accessories at Pastec

Photo: Melissa Hom

After more than twenty years in business, Sara Spinelli shuttered her Soho accessories shop this past spring. Apart from the ever-climbing rent, the longtime New Yorker felt a change in the feel of the neighborhood. "There used to be so much individuality," she says. "Now it's a big shopping mall." Spinelli reopened in the East Village earlier this summer, honing her sprawling stock down to a giftable smattering of jewelry, home décor, handbags, and artistic objets d'art compiled throughout journeys to India, Italy, Belgium, and Morocco. The selection changes monthly — corresponding with visits from her international cache of friends and designers — and many pieces are one-of-a-kind, like piecemeal silk-screened tote bags, chunky silver and gemstone-studded rings by Pitango, and delicately faded vintage postcards from Brussels. Click ahead to see Pastec's latest incarnation.

Pastec, 437 E. 12th St., nr. Ave. A (212-219-3922)