PC’s NYC Prep Style Deemed ‘Advanced’


"I actually think his style is cute because he has a signature look which is pretty advanced for a teenager," Paper's editorial director Mickey Boardman says of 18-year-old NYC Prep star PC Peterson's style. StyleList goes on to assert the city is laden with PC copycats:

PC-alikes in New York have copied his product-heavy vertical hair-do, unshaven jaw, and large cotton scarf looped once around the neck in the style of the Arabic shemagh. It is accompanied by a tight tee in white or a pale color, and a v-neck cardigan buttoned just below the chest. His occasional blazers with contrast trimmed, notched lapels are not yet so common, but may start to appear in the fall.

But by that time PC will probably be on to fall's new, hip, ugly sweaters. We suggest men wait for season two to debut before making any rash purchases.

'NYC Prep's' PC - Villain as Style Icon [StyleList]