Photo Op: Baptiste Giabiconi Vamps in Stilettos for His Man, Karl Lagerfeld


For the fall 2009 issue of Purple, Karl Lagerfeld shot Baptiste Giabiconi wearing nothing but ladies' stilettos, as you see above. This is the third time on record Karl has shot Baptiste in women's clothing. He shot him for the March French Vogue, wearing only a Chanel tweed jacket, statement necklace, and heels, and in a Chanel couture dress for the July issue of Japanese Vogue. He did similar things with his last muse, Brad Kroenig. Remember the brilliant scene in Lagerfeld Confidential when Karl took him out into the French countryside to take his picture wearing nothing but a fur wrap? Hey, everyone recycles wooing techniques.

Baptiste Giabiconi being shot by Karl Lagerfeld [purple DIARY]