Tim Gunn Actually Enjoyed Filming Project Runway in L.A.


Tim Gunn asserts the new season of Project Runway on Lifetime will be pretty much the same as the old seasons on Bravo. "The difference [in network] is imperceptible," he told us at a party for Monet's new jewelry collections in the Monet showroom yesterday. The real change was filming in Los Angeles. "We were at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising; they were wonderful to us. But everything in L.A. — it really is just different. We had a whole new team of producers and a whole new crew who were very spoiled by the California experience. Everything there is just so much bigger! And we came back here and everything's sort of small again." Is he a reformed Manhattanite, then? "I went out there kicking and screaming and then I loved it — some New Yorker!" If you prefer Project Runway (along with everything else) on the East Coast, fret not — Gunn said they just wrapped shooting of the seventh season in New York.

Mentoring cast after cast, Gunn says he's reminded of his years teaching. "It's like every new semester of students. You have new loyalties and affection for them, you champion them. People are so sick of hearing me say, 'Oh, they're so fabulous.' They're like, 'You always say that.' But they are!"