Rachel Zoe Wants to Launch Fragrances and Hopefully Candles One Day


Rachel Zoe isn't just a person. She's becoming a lifestyle. And it goes way beyond furry vests, rings weighty enough to kill a man, and clothes billowy enough to sail small boats. First, she'll launch her QVC accessories line, complete with faux-fur items and chunky jewelry, all for under $100. "A lot of glamour for not a lot of money," Zoe, who seems to wear only very expensive things, tells USA Today. After that she'll launch an as-yet-unnamed collection of fragrances and skin-care products, which will probably come with banana extracts and potassium infusions, respectively. But she won't stop there:

"I want to give people a lifestyle. I don't want to (just) give them great jewelry or a great vest," Zoe says. "Candles, bedding, pillows, books, whatever it is. I want to do everything. But I won't let go of styling, either."

We see it: Rachel Zoe cheese graters, Rachel Zoe shower curtains, Rachel Zoe gas grills with matching tongs sets, Rachel Zoe cat boxes. If we were Target or Wal-Mart, we wouldn't be sleeping easy at night. But don't worry, Anne Hathaway; Rachel will always be there for you with a $10,000 dress and an armful of sapphires at the drop of a hat.

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