September Issue Clips: Sienna Miller’s Wig Issues and Grace Coddington’s Photo Shoot


Tonight Anna Wintour's hosting her big fancy premiere of The September Issue at the MoMA. But if you're not invited, it's okay! Because you can watch two just-released clips of The September Issue right here, and that's kind of fabulous. You've probably already read about how Vogue fixed Sienna Miller's teeth for the 2007 September cover after Anna Wintour called her "toothy," and that they Photoshopped her head onto a different body. But her teeth and lack of neck were perhaps the least of her problems. When she arrived at Vogue for her fitting (sister in tow), her hair was flat and mousy, like she hadn't washed it in days. "Let's talk about her, because her hair is not looking its best," Anna said after the fitting. The fashion director decided to give her a wig to wear for the shoot in Rome. But the wig didn't work out, so they just pulled her hair back into a stumpy ponytail.

In the next clip, Grace Coddington dresses her models on the set of the "texture" shoot. She's one of the few, if not the only, creative directors who still bends at her girls' feet and buckles their shoes herself.